Practice Areas

Insurance and ReinsuranceInsurance and Reinsurance

Providing our advice and representation services in the insurance and reinsurance areas, we cover among others the following legal requirements:

> Legal advise to insurance and reinsurance companies.
> Acquisition, constitution and liquidation of insurance and reinsurance companies in Colombia.
> Judicial and extrajudicial claims.
> Recoveries
> Contracts and products analysis.
> Claims study.
> Conflict management in contractual matters.
> Legal advice for intermediaries and adjusters.
> Application advice on Insurance and Reinsurance clauses.
> Reinsurance contractual disputes settlement.
> Extrajudicial and judicial representation in conflicts arising from the different insurance and reinsurance contracts.

Business and CorporateBusiness and Corporate

We have experts in different law areas, which allows us to provide specialized and comprehensive support in various economic sectors. We provide legal consulting services from creation, development and transformation, to the liquidation of commercial operations.

We provide among others, the following services:

> Design, creation, study and drafting of commercial contracts.
> Legal advice on foreign investment.
> Commercial transactions.
> Transformation, dissolution and corporate liquidation
> Mergers and Adquisitions
> Corporate Governance.
> Advice, support and representation in shareholders meetings and boards of directors.
> Bussines secrets.
> Due Dillgence
> Advisory in Compliance

 Transportation Transportation

We advise and represent the interests of transportation, logistics and insurance companies.
We provide advisory and legal solutions in:

> Contract study and drafting in land, sea and air transport.
> Insurance Claims.
> Transporter's liability study and advisory.
> Advice and representation in disputes arising from the different transport contracts.

Consumer LawConsumer Law

Consultancy and representation in consumer protection rules, such as:

> Abusive clausues.
> Warrantys.
> Current regulations compliance advice.
> Contractual breaches.
> Advertising and consumer information regime.
> Claims.
> Breach complaints in the lack of inventory of spare parts, advertising and misleading information, violating consumer protection rules.
> Legal advice in compliance.


> Counseling and representation in conciliations and transactions.
> Counseling and representation in civil and commercial proceedings.
> Advice and representation in the prevention of possible litigation.
> Advice and representation in the termination of contractual relations.
> Representation and settlement of controversies through alternative dispute resolution mechanisms, such as negotiation, conciliation, transaction and mediation.